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An array of colourful beach huts, the idyllic location of a summer holiday by the sea.  Even though we say it ourselves this is the perfect sized bag - great for shopping, taking to the beach or school books. You'll be amazed how much it can hold.

We send for Jersey in the Channel Islands and have to pay VAT. Post takes a very similar time than if the products were coming from anywhere in the Uk but occasionally things get caught up and it takes a day longer - this can happen if there is fog for example and the post can't leave the Island but that doesnt happen often.
UK: £0.00 (estimated delivery 20/06/2019) Europe: £2.00 (estimated delivery 25/06/2019) Rest of the World: £4.00 (estimated delivery 02/07/2019)
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.
Hello - We are Lisa and Joanne the creative team behind MollyMac, designing beautiful and functional prodcuts for your home  that you can send to someone you love if you can possibly bear to part with them!

The business has been going for 6 years and we are very proud of it. It's been a journey!
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St Helier
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