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Can't wear fashion jewellery ?
Struggle with sore Ear Lobes ?

Then try an Earcare Kit, a complete approach to a common problem
The kit comprises of

One bottle of Backs Earclear Solution
Perfect For Sore Ear Lobes, the anti-allergenic solution has a unique formula
which cleanses and coats against metal allergy in one easy application.

Pack size 15ml
Pack price 2.99

One Pack of Polymer Supaback  - Earring Backs
These large disc earring backs are made from soft polymer so are non

Universal fit, featuring an inbuilt wide disc, which means these earring
backs are suitable for most earring types. They are particularly good
for supporting larger earrings

All our earcare products are hygiene sealed for your peace of mind.
Comfortable & secure

Size 10 mm
Pack size - 10 pieces
Product price £1.99

Buy this pack for just £4.50

And say goodbye to sore ear lobes.

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For over two decades Backs has been the foremost name in the UK for earcare products.

Whether you are looking for replacement #earring backs: gold plated earring backs, plastic backs, supabacks, clip comfort pads, # hypo-allegenic earrings or #earcare solution - then we are sure to have just what you are looking for.

All our earcare products are hygiene-sealed for your peace of mind

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